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108 Data analysis minor always 2009-08-22 20:20 2009-08-22 20:21
none 2.1.0  
0000108: FIXED: overflows in neural networks under some compilers
Neural networks in 2.0.1 use tanh as activation function. Some compilers (Delphi 7, for example) have buggy standard libraries that can't calculate TanH of large arguments because of overflow (although final result is "1"). So if neural network is provided with inputs that are too large, such network will crash during training. Strictly speaking, it is Delphi bug, but we'll fix it anyway :)

This problem is fixed by using special code for inputs that are larger than 100.
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2009-08-22 20:21 SergeyB Summary FIXED: neural networks can generate overflows => FIXED: overflows in neural networks under some compilers
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