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871 Optimization feature have not tried 2019-11-24 13:16 2019-11-24 13:16
none 3.16.0  
0000871: INCOMPATIBLE: changed parameters of minqpsetlcmixed()
Since version 3.16.0 ALGLIB treats mixed sparse/dense linear constraints as a set of sparse ones followed by dense ones. Specific ordering of constraints is important when we want to tie Lagrange multipliers to them.

Previous versions of ALGLIB accepted constraints in reverse order, which was reflected in signature of minqpsetlcmixed() - dense constraints were specified first, followed by sparse ones.

Since 3.16.0, old minqpsetlcmixed() was renamed to minqpsetlcmixedlegacy(), and new version of this function accepts constraints in the correct order.
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