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914 Solvers tweak have not tried 2020-12-19 17:19 2020-12-19 17:47
none 3.17.0  
0000914: INCOMPATIBLE: changed signatures and names of some sparse direct solvers
Names and signatures of some sparse solvers are changed to make API more uniform. First, we removed matrix size from the method signature because sparse matrix structure already stores its size. Second, we changed order of output parameters: instead of "report,x" we now return "x,report" as does the rest of the library. We also changed names of several methods to conform to uniform naming convention used by direct dense solvers.

Following functions were changed:
* sparsesolvesks(a,n,isupper,b,rep,x) => sparsespdsolvesks(a,isupper,b,x,rep)
* sparsecholeskysolvesks(a,n,isupper,b,rep,x) => sparsespdcholeskysolve(a,isupper,b,x,rep)
* sparsesolve(a,n,b,x,rep) => sparsesolve(a,b,x,rep)
* sparselusolve(a,p,q,n,b,x,rep) => sparselusolve(a,p,q,b,x,rep)
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