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926 Linear algebra feature have not tried 2021-07-22 17:27 2021-08-28 22:42
none 3.18.0  
0000926: IMPLEMENTED: AMD ordering for matrices with dense rows
Implemented new AMD ordering algorithm for matrices with dense/nearly dense rows, set as default one for sparse Cholesky/LDLT.

Details: original AMD ordering algorithm has O(N^2) running time for a matrix with just one dense row. Improved algorithm postpones ordering of rows with too many nonzero elements (including ones which are not dense, but still has more nonzeros than typical row) and handles them later, at the second ordering round.
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2021-08-28 22:42 SergeyB Summary approximate minimum degree algorithm for matrices with dense rows => IMPLEMENTED: AMD ordering for matrices with dense rows
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2021-08-28 22:42 SergeyB Fixed in Version => 3.18.0
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