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952 Interpolation feature have not tried 2022-12-13 21:03 2022-12-13 21:04
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0000952: IMPLEMENTED: far field (fast multipoles) acceleration of biharmonic RBF construction and evaluation
New version of ALGLIB includes accelerated biharmonic RBFs which utilize far field expansion (AKA fast multipoles method) for approximate computation of the model. This method is heavily utilized by both model construction and model evaluation phases.

Biharmonic RBF construction time was now improved to O(N*logN) instead of O(N^2). We want to note that even previous time was still better than O(N^3) achieved by textbook methods.

Approximate biharmonic RBF evaluation time with rbffastcalc() now shows several-fold speed-up when compared with exact rbfcalc().
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