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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000717 Linear algebratweakresolved (SergeyB)2017-08-16IMPLEMENTED: deterministic seed for internaldstein() inverse iteration initializer
   0000708 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-08-10ability to control RNG seed for HPC core
   0000714 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-08-09FIXED: minor error in QQP solver - incorrect automatic scaling
   0000713 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-08-09TWEAK: rbfsetpoints() - added check for NAN/INF in the inputs
   0000706 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-06-08IMPLEMENTED: deterministic seed for k-means clustering algorithm
   0000690 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-05-11IMPLEMENTED: linear constraints for MinLM/LSFit optimizers
   0000700 Optimizationtweakresolved (SergeyB)2017-05-03IMPLEMENTED: additional regularization of MinNLC optimizer
   0000696 Interpolationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-04-29lsfitsphere() - least squares sphere to data
   0000678 Generalminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-04-29FIXED: ae_matrix_attach_to_x() ignores stride in X-object
   0000693 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-04-29polish results of DENSE-AUL
   0000692 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-04-18IMPLEMENTED: fitting minimum circumscribed, minimum zone, maximum inscribed circles to N-dimensional data
   0000691 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-04-14IMPLEMENTED: "exact robust" preconditioner mode for MinNLC optimizer
   0000543 Data analysisfeaturenew2017-04-07Statistics: ANOVA and others
   0000689 Generalminornew2017-03-14GCC7: Test failure on i686
   0000683 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-16IMPLEMENTED: box-constrained optimizer
   0000688 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-14IMPLEMENTED: streaming serialization/unserialization in C#
   0000687 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-14IMPLEMENTED: streaming serialization/unserialization in C++
   0000664 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-13IMPLEMENTED: IronPython and VB.Net wrappers are now included into default distribution of ALGLIB for C#
   0000679 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-02-09minqpsetscaleauto()
   0000669 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-09IMPLEMENTED: integrity check for NAN/INF for lsfit and minlm solvers
   0000661 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-02-09complex SVD and least squares solver
   0000682 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-08IMPLEMENTED: subspace iteration direct/sparse/out-of-core symmetric/nonsymmetric eigensolver
   0000681 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-08IMPLEMENTED: truncated PCA
   0000685 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-02-07SYMM-based code for dense subspace iteration
   0000684 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-02-07Implement RMatrixSYMM/CMatrixHEMM
   0000676 Interpolationminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-02IMPLEMENTED: hierarchical RBF
   0000670 Spec.functionsminorresolved (SergeyB)2016-12-23FIXED: some statistical functions are prone to integer overflow
   0000659 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2016-12-21linreg improvements
   0000484 Data analysisfeaturenew2016-12-21Decision forest improvements
   0000660 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2016-12-21Sparsity support for optimizers
   0000674 Generalminorassigned (SergeyB)2016-12-21t-sne
   0000677 Generaltrivialresolved (SergeyB)2016-12-21FIXED: minor typo in C# docs
   0000665 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2016-12-16IMPLEMENTED: new QP solver for linearly constrained QP problems
   0000680 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2016-12-12more compact kd-trees
   0000672 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2016-05-14IMPLEMENTED: kd-trees now support box queries
   0000479 Generalfeaturenew2016-05-14KD-trees - improvements
   0000671 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2016-05-11IMPLEMENTED: parallel RBF evaluation on regular 3D grids
   0000668 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2016-03-23IMPLEMENTED: thread-safe version of kd-tree object
   0000658 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2015-10-12FIXED: BLEIC optimizer hangs in rare cases due to roundoff errors
   0000657 Data analysisminornew2015-08-20mlpallerrorssubset not calculate error
   0000656 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-31FIXED: minor bug in the handling of inconsistent linear constraints (BLEIC, QP optimizer)
   0000641 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2015-07-24Generation of discrete numbers with required probabilities
   0000621 Statisticsminorresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-24FIXED: mann-whitney u-test can return probabilities greater than 1
   0000546 Statisticstweakresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-24FIXED: corrected documentation for Jarque-Bera test
   0000654 Data analysisminorresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-24IMPLEMENTED: better memory reuse in clustering functions
   0000652 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-24IMPLEMENTED: reading CSV files
   0000646 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2015-07-22Faster XBLAS, faster iterative refinement
   0000597 Linear algebrafeaturenew2015-07-21Root polishing for polynomial solver
   0000650 Generalminorresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-21FIXED: two race conditions in initializer of HPC ALGLIB for C#
   0000615 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2015-07-21IMPLEMENTED: Adaptive Gradient Sampling algorithm for nonsmooth nonconvex constrained optimization
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