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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000475 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Support vector machines
   0000472 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Cluster analysis improvements
   0000448 Statisticsfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Sample covariation improvements
   0000442 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Efficiently handle zero elements during triangular/orthogonal factorization
   0000437 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Feasibility solver
   0000424 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Sparse GMRES for least squares
   0000641 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Generation of discrete numbers with required probabilities
   0000581 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02reorganize neural networks unit
   0000674 Generalminorassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02t-sne
   0000659 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02linreg improvements
   0000645 Statisticsfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Compact correlation/covariance
   0000489 Statisticsfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Multiple correlation coefficient
   0000661 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02complex SVD and least squares solver
   0000640 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02MKL-powered sparse linear algebra
   0000608 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Sparse matrix improvements
   0000517 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Optimize RMatrixEnforceSymmetricity
   0000491 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Marix inversion - add pre-scaling
   0000616 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02Sparsity support for optimizers
   0000606 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02QQP improvements
   0000460 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2018-01-02MinQP improvements
   0000736 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-29IMPLEMENTED: new set of public level 2 BLAS functions
   0000702 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-25IMPLEMENTED: debug allocation counter in C core and C++ version for POSIX systems
   0000769 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-25IMPLEMENTED: ALGLIB for CPP - additional tests for correct handling of malloc errors
   0000772 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-25IMPLEMENTED: MinQP solver now supports automatic scaling
   0000751 Solversminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-25IMPLEMENTED: direct sparse solver using Skyline (SKS) storage format
   0000779 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-25IMPLEMENTED: sparseset() now works with SKS matrices
   0000778 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-24IMPLEMENTED: band matrix creation with sparsecreatesksband()
   0000764 Generalminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-12-05FIXED: potential memory leak in the native ALGLIB (C++, native core for C#)
   0000763 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-11-29IMPLEMENTED: singular spectrum analysis algorithm
   0000762 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-11-28IMPLEMENTED: exception-free error handling for C++
   0000759 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-11-17numerics.complex for C#
   0000758 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-11-12IMPLEMENTED: warm start for subspace eigensolver
   0000757 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-11-09enums for constants
   0000752 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2017-11-07INCOMPATIBLE: decision trees storage format
   0000689 Generalminorassigned (SergeyB)2017-10-24GCC7: Test failure on i686
   0000734 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-10-10IMPLEMENTED: orders of magnitude faster QP-DENSE-AUL solver
   0000732 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-10-09IMPLEMENTED: up to 4x faster BLEIC and QP-BLEIC solvers
   0000723 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-09-30IMPLEMENTED: attach_to_ptr() for C++ vectors/matrices
   0000722 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-09-12IMPLEMENTED: ALGLIB for Delphi/FreePascal - Linux support
   0000721 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-09-12IMPLEMENTED: ALGLIB for C# - Linux HPC binaries
   0000717 Linear algebratweakresolved (SergeyB)2017-08-16IMPLEMENTED: deterministic seed for internaldstein() inverse iteration initializer
   0000714 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-08-09FIXED: minor error in QQP solver - incorrect automatic scaling
   0000713 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-08-09TWEAK: rbfsetpoints() - added check for NAN/INF in the inputs
   0000706 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-06-08IMPLEMENTED: deterministic seed for k-means clustering algorithm
   0000690 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-05-11IMPLEMENTED: linear constraints for MinLM/LSFit optimizers
   0000700 Optimizationtweakresolved (SergeyB)2017-05-03IMPLEMENTED: additional regularization of MinNLC optimizer
   0000678 Generalminorresolved (SergeyB)2017-04-29FIXED: ae_matrix_attach_to_x() ignores stride in X-object
   0000692 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-04-18IMPLEMENTED: fitting minimum circumscribed, minimum zone, maximum inscribed circles to N-dimensional data
   0000691 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-04-14IMPLEMENTED: "exact robust" preconditioner mode for MinNLC optimizer
   0000683 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2017-02-16IMPLEMENTED: box-constrained optimizer
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