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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000913 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-10-04better handling of nonlinear constraints in SLP/SQP
   0000905 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-10-04inertia for SLP trust radius parameter growth
   0000918 Diff.equationsminorresolved (SergeyB)2021-10-02FIXED: ODE solver test hangs sometimes
   0000423 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-09-30IMPLEMENTED: sparse GMRES for linear equations
   0000921 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-09-24IMPLEMENTED: minqpaddsparsefromdense
   0000883 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-09-23Delphi and CPython tracing
   0000930 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-09-23IMPLEMENTED: AVX2/FMA-capable sparse Cholesky/LDLT decomposition
   0000885 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-09-23reference manual section for tracing
   0000929 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-09-17IMPLEMENTED: C# GEMM (matrix-matrix product) can now utilize AVX2/FMA NET 5 intrinsics
   0000933 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-09-17IMPLEMENTED: ALGLIB for C# supports NET 5, including hardware intrinsics
   0000882 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-08-28improved AUL
   0000859 Optimizationminorassigned (SergeyB)2021-08-28perform pivot selection in simplex solver taking into account |rho|
   0000743 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-08-28linearly constrained MinLM improvements
   0000562 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-08-28SQP version of MinNLC
   0000926 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-08-28IMPLEMENTED: AMD ordering for matrices with dense rows
   0000931 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2021-08-06IMPLEMENTED: sparse matrix serialization
   0000920 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2021-06-13FIXED: nonsmooth AGS optimizer sometimes stopped before reaching optimal point
   0000919 Optimizationminornew2021-04-27Default stopping conditions for MINBLEIC algorithm are too stringent
   0000746 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02blocked random matrix operations
   0000741 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02advanced affinity management for C/C++ core
   0000728 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02New sparse storage format - COO initializer
   0000565 Data analysisfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02Improved Naive Bayes
   0000748 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02Better warm start support for dense-aul and related minlm
   0000886 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02QP/LP presolver
   0000880 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02Lagrange multipliers for NLP
   0000879 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02MinNLC needs modern setlc2() family of functions and setnlc2()
   0000872 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02INCOMPATIBLE: standardize linear solver output parameters
   0000848 Interpolationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-021d spline serialization
   0000843 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02"paranoid SLP" optimizer
   0000830 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02autoscaling for minlm/lsfit
   0000804 Interpolationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02lsfitsetscaleauto()
   0000799 Solversfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02LSQR solver - better handling of LambdaV
  0000782 Interpolationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02Inverse distance weighting, improved version
   0000767 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02better C#-to-native memory management
   0000756 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02nonsmooth BFGS
   0000755 Interpolationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02switch circumscribed/inscribed circle fitting to new SLP-NLC
   0000708 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02ability to control RNG seed for HPC core
   0000685 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02SYMM-based code for dense subspace iteration and for SSA
  0000646 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02Faster XBLAS, faster iterative refinement
   0000684 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02Implement RMatrixSYMM/CMatrixHEMM
   0000884 Optimizationfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2021-04-02interchangeable scalar/vector callbacks in optimizers
   0000917 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2021-03-22FIXED: better estimate of penalty coefficients for SLP merit function
   0000916 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2021-03-22FIXED: better detection of trust region stagnation in the SQP optimizer
   0000908 Solversfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2020-12-19IMPLEMENTED: sparse symmetric positive definite direct solver
   0000914 Solverstweakresolved (SergeyB)2020-12-19INCOMPATIBLE: changed signatures and names of some sparse direct solvers
   0000911 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2020-12-07IMPLEMENTED: sparse interior point LP solver
   0000910 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2020-11-28IMPLEMENTED: generating random vectors/matrices with normal entries
   0000909 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2020-11-08IMPLEMENTED: sparse interior point QP solver
   0000907 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2020-11-07IMPLEMENTED: sparse supernodal Cholesky and LDLT factorizations with fill-in reducing ordering (AMD)
   0000906 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2020-11-07IMPLEMENTED: optimized sparse matrix transposition
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