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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000523 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2013-06-07IMPLEMENTED: Akima spline for N<5
   0000505 Generalminorresolved (SergeyB)2013-05-21FIXED: minor bug in the implementation of proxy array/matrix object
   0000522 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2013-05-14IMPLEMENTED: parallel hierarchical clustering
   0000518 Statisticstweakresolved (SergeyB)2013-05-14FIXED: minor bug in Student's t-test
   0000504 Statisticsmajorresolved (SergeyB)2013-05-13FIXED: minor bug in the sign test (two sided alternative)
   00005211Generalminorresolved (SergeyB)2013-05-13FIXED: stack overflow in kd-tree construction routine
   0000516 Statisticsfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2013-04-25IMPLEMENTED: ranking functionality
   0000513 Statisticsfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2013-04-25IMPLEMENTED: parallel correlation/covariation functions
   0000510 Linear algebraminorresolved (SergeyB)2013-04-04IMPLEMENTED: parallel linear algebra functions (real/complex TRSM, GEMM, SYRK)
  0000469 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2013-04-04IMPLEMENTED: efficient basecase GEMM code for C#
   0000502 Optimizationtweakresolved (SergeyB)2013-01-17INCOMPATIBLE: MinBLEICSetCond() replaces three other functions from MinBLEIC
  0000438 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2013-01-14IMPLEMENTED: refactoring of the BLEIC optimizer
   0000480 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-12-06IMPLEMENTED: neural network improvements
   0000474 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-11-27IMPLEMENTED: k-means clustering was merged with new clustering unit
   0000499 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-11-27DOCS: added important information on support for very large arrays in NET 4.5
   0000493 Statisticsminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-11-21FIXED: bug in Student t-tests
   0000495 Solversfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-11-21IMPLEMENTED: automatic diagonal precondtitioner for linear CG and LSQR solvers
   0000470 Interpolationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-10-30IMPLEMENTED: linear/nonlinear least squares solvers (lsfit subpackage) now report errors in the coefficients
   0000467 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-10-24IMPLEMENTED: hierarchical cluster analysis algorithm
   00004862Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-10-24FIXED: bug in the constraint activation/deactivation code of QP solver
   0000487 Data analysisminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-09-25FIXED: infinite loop in k-Means when called for degenerate data
   00004811Optimizationminorassigned (SergeyB)2012-08-03minbleicrestartfrom(state, x) does not assign state.x
   0000462 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (Leo)2012-07-26IMPLEMENTED: sparse matrix improvements
   0000456 Generalfeatureassigned (SergeyB)2012-07-26Add support for NumPy arrays
   0000427 Optimizationfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-07-05IMPLEMENTED: verification of the user-supplied gradient (LSFit, MinLM, MinBLEIC, MinCG, MinLBFGS)
   0000465 Interpolationfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-07-04IMPLEMENTED: 3D splines
   0000464 Interpolationfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-07-03IMPLEMENTED: vector-valued 2D splines
   0000455 Interpolationtweakresolved (SergeyB)2012-07-03FIXED: incorrect handling of multilayer RBF models without nonlinear layers
   0000457 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-06-29IMPLEMENTED: new functionality for sparse matrices
   0000458 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (Leo)2012-06-29IMPLEMENTED: minor tweak of the random matrix generator
   0000454 Spec.functionsmajorresolved (SergeyB)2012-06-29FIXED: big in the ErrorFunction() (about 1E-10 in magnitude)
   0000459 Linear algebraminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-06-28FIXED: minor inefficiency in the norm estimator
   0000461 Interpolationfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-06-28IMPLEMENTED: monotone spline interpolation
   0000449 Optimizationfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-06-27IMPLEMENTED: MinQP optimizer with support for general linear equality/inequality constraints
   0000430 Interpolationfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-03-27IMPLEMENTED: RBF model
   0000451 Generalfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-03-23Fix issue with documentation
   0000450 Optimizationminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-03-05FIXED: bug in the MinQP optimizer
   0000416 Linear algebrafeatureassigned (SergeyB)2012-02-15LinCG and LinLSQR: support for callbacks
   0000446 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-02-14IMPLEMENTED: matrix norm estimator
   0000436 Data analysisminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-02-08FIXED: issue in MLPTrainES()
   0000404 Interpolationminorresolved (SergeyB)2012-02-03FIXED: minor bugs in Spline1D subpackage
   0000445 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-02-01TWEAK: support for empty KD-trees
   0000420 Optimizationmajorresolved (SergeyB)2012-01-20FIXED: BLEIC optimizer can fail when started from infeasible point
   0000435 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (Leo)2012-01-17IMPLEMENTED: sparse LSQR solver
   0000434 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (Leo)2012-01-17IMPLEMENTED: sparse linear CG optimizer
   0000410 Linear algebrafeatureresolved (Leo)2012-01-17IMPLEMENTED: sparse matrices
   0000403 Statisticsfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-01-17IMPLEMENTED: separate functions for mean, variance, standard deviation
   0000433 Generalfeatureresolved (Leo)2012-01-17IMPLEMENTED: generation of random values from continuous/discrete distribution given by finite samples
   0000432 Data analysisfeatureresolved (SergeyB)2012-01-17IMPLEMENTED: SMA, EMA, LRMA filters
   0000419 Linear algebraminorresolved (SergeyB)2011-12-22FIXED: inconvergence of the low-accuracy version of bidiagonal SVD
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